Stop Smoking

At New North Health Centre we support NHS England's Stop Smoking Campaign. We appreciate that not everyone is ready to quit and people need different levels of support. Locally we can offer 3 levels of support to those who are ready. In Islington this service is provided by – Breathe, it’s about living – delivered in partnership with Camden and Islington Councils.

The tiers of the service will be:
• Tier 1 - Self-support: use of online and printed information and apps for smokers who want to quit without ongoing one-to-one or group support.
• Tier 2 - Brief support: a clinical service (minimum of two sessions) with appropriate medication provided by trained professionals in community settings.
• Tier 3 - Specialist support: a clinical service (minimum of six sessions) for smokers who find it harder to quit, and can benefit from intensive face-to-face behavioural support, alongside
optimum medication.

We strongly recommend that you are reviewed by this specialist service if you would like medication, such as chewing gum or patches due to the possible side effects and the changing level of need throughout your journey to quit. Our clinicians will take these recommendations into account when prescribing. Please keep in mind that availabity of medication is dependent on national supply. Always check with your smoking advisor and pharmacist.