AgeUK Islington

AgeUK Islington regularly update their website with useful information and activities. You can access them here:

Our Regular Get Togethers for adults of all ages

We’ve also events that take place Monday to Friday every week, with regular Get Togethers to help people stay active, creative and socially connected. See our Get Togethers page for more information. We also share information about what's happening locally in other organisations across the borough.

Alternative social opportunities

If for whatever reason, a patient / client is unable to attend activities, we can help them to investigate alternative options, such as befriending.

AgeUK Online

We recognise the difficulty some of our older patients experience in accessing the internet or having a smart phone or a computer. We work together with AgeUK Islington to support you in having access to Online Access, such as the ability to order your repeat prescriptions online, and the NHS App which will show your COVID vaccination passport. Please find the following information on their website or forward it to someone who you believe will benefit from receiving it:

Digital 1:1 Support

We can connect clients to regular 1:1 digital support sessions for adults of all ages and host fortnightly group online sessions about a useful IT related topic, e.g. trying out a zoom activity for the first time, using Whatsapp to keep in touch with family abroad or setting up online shopping - please see our website for info.