Islington Central 2 PCN

PCN Overview

PCN (Primary Care Networks) are the current buzzword in the NHS. Normally, it is a collaboration of a group of practices based on location to provide services as per NHS England's requirements. Together the practices are able to employ staff to serve all of the practice population of the PCN. It means that there might be pharmacists, social prescribers, nurses, doctors who will look after all or some of our patients.

You can find out more from the following link from NHS England: NHS England PCN

PCN Pharmacists

The most prominent of shared services are the PCN Pharmacists. This is a group of pharmacists who provide medication reviews and work together with the practice GPs to look after your medications and necessary follow-ups. At our practice, the pharmacist looks after our Asthma and COPD patients. They also do medication reviews for patients who are on 10 or more medications.

PCN Social Prescribing Link Workers