Minor Ailments

Our friendly local community pharmacistsare often able to give a huge amount of advice about common conditions which may save you from having to see a GP at all! Drop into any of our local pharmacies. If you need help dealing with common illness such as a cold, cough or diarrhoea, you may be able to use the NHS Minor Ailment Scheme at selected pharmacies. These allow pharmacies to provide you with medicines for free on the NHS, as well as giving you advice and support about how to care for minor conditions yourself. As long as you are over 1 year old and not pregnant, your chemist could potentially deal with the following conditions (certain exclusions apply, call your chemist first). Find your local pharmacy here Find a pharmacy – NHS (www.nhs.uk)

Athletes foot Eczema Muscle aches and pains
Bites/Stings Fungal infections Pain
Colds and cold sores Hayfever Skin rashes
Congestion Headache Sore throat
Constipation Head lice Styes
Conjunctivitis Haemorrhoids/piles Threadworms
Cuts and sprains Indigestion and infant colic/reflux Thrush
Cystitis (not if first time or male) Influenza Vaginal discharge
Dermatitis Insect bites Vaginal itch/soreness
Diarrhoea (in 2+year olds) Medication queries, allergies, side effects Verrucae/warts
Dry or sore eyes Mouth ulcers Vomiting/nausea
Earache Mouth thrush Wounds