How to order your repeat prescriptions

A one-off prescription of medicine is known as an acute prescription, this type of prescription can only be made in a consultation with your GP.

If you are on a course of medication that is ongoing then this is a repeat prescription and this type of medication, once initiated, can be requested without having to see your GP.

Repeat prescriptions can be ordered:

  • by telephone
  • in person
  • online (please see our online services page) or click the link below

Prescriptions need to be ordered at least 2 (two) working days in advance. This allows us to review the request and notify you if you need to have a medication review with your doctor. Some medications cannot be issued without a review, such as an appointment or a blood test. In some cases where the patient does not attend for the review, we may cut down the prescription frequency. Some medications require regular blood pressure monitoring. You can buy a home blood pressure monitor from your pharmacy or the internet.

If you have a repeat prescription slip then please tick the required items.

We recommend that you use the NHS App for ordering repeat prescriptions. Acute prescriptions will not appear on the medication list within the app. You will need to request these as free text.

A prescription can only be posted if a stamp addressed envelope is enclosed.