COVID-19 Vaccination Uptake

COVID-19 Vaccination Uptake based on NHSE Cohorts:

  • Age over 80 and Healthcare Workers: 91%
  • Age 75-79: 90%
  • Age 70-74 and high risk patients: 83%
  • Age 65-69: 86%
  • Age 16-64: 81%
  • Learning Disability patients: 80% fully or partially vaccinated
  • BAME Patients: 57% fully or partially vaccinated

North Central London CCG has taken a proactive approach to COVID vaccination at all risk and non-risk groups. The practice is currently participating in the second round of housebound vaccination arrangements.

Anyone who is eligible to have a vaccination can attend a walk-in clinic at any of the available centres. Please see the following link for a list of all vaccination sites: (opens in a new tab)