Your Data and Data Access

We are fully aware how the changes in the NHS can be difficult to understand and we are here to support patients on their digital journey. Please browse this page and its menus for information on how your data is handled by the NHS and the practice.

General Data Protection Regulations are a set of regulations in law that became applicable on 26th May 2018.

The New North Health Centre is fully compliant with these regulations and is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).

Our registration number is Z9311485. Your Data Controller is Dr Michael Skelly. He is responsible for ensuring the practice is compliant with relevant laws and regulations and that your data is processed in accordance with these guidelines.

We work together with NCL CCG to comply with current Data Protection Regulation. Our practice has a number of policies that regulate data sharing.

During the pandemic NHS England has pushed for more widespread digital access for patients. This included using the NHS App which now includes your COVID-19 Vaccination Passport. The current indicative date for online access to future medical records is 31st October, 2023.

The practice has leaned on virtual patient access during the pandemic. We primarily use telephone and mobile phone to get in touch. Please ensure your details are correct on the system so we can contact you without delay. We seek explicit consent for this but when it is not available we will use implicit consent unless you tell us otherwise. You can inform us of opting-out via a signed form or by updating your consent status on the NHS App. If you need to make any amendments to your medical record, we request that you put that in writing with as much information as needed and submit your request to the practice manager.

Not all paperwork is free. The standard fee for issuing a statement of fact letter (To Whom It May Concern) is £35. For medical reports, such as insurance, the basic fee is £104.  The simplest, and cheap, way to have access to your repeat medication list is via the NHS App.

Useful Resources

The following documents / policies can be downloaded and support our compliance with these regulations:

Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice for Children

Your Data At Our Practice

NHS Type 1 Opt-out-Form- if you wish to use this form, please complete and return it to the practice so we can update your records